Shilpa Sodal – Folk Art by Shilpa

I am self-motivated, self-taught and a passionate gifted artist, born in India and migrated to Sydney, Australia 15 years ago with strong Indian cultural background.

Professionally qualified Software Engineer, working in an IT industry from last 18 years but my heart as an artist.
I have been observing and practising Indian traditional painting styles and many different forms of art from my childhood. My mother was and is my inspiration.

I am an individual who wanted to explore life and art without boundaries hence you will get to see many different styles in my artwork. I follow my heart and soul which lead to unique artwork each time when I pick up my colours and brush. It gives me immense inner peace and satisfaction.

My present work is inspired by nature and Indian culture. Because of my strong love for colours and art, I have started doing traditional Chinese brush paintings as well from the last two years.

I constantly experiment with colours and mediums, and hence my art evolves seamlessly from one style to another. According to me art is a journey just like our life filled with different colours and emotions.

In order to pass my knowledge which I have gained till date to new generation I have founded Kids art classes, HarmonyArtsByShilpa.

Follow her art journey: