Pratibha Madan – Preetkriti

Pratibha is a contemporary artist living in Melbourne since 2016. Mostly self-taught, her work has strong reflections of culture and traditions from India, the place where she was born and brought up. 

She was trained as an occupational therapist and has worked with people with developmental disabilities for over fifteen years in India. Art and expression had always been an integral part of her work. 

Pratibha loves exploring various techniques on a variety of media, from oil and acrylic paints on canvas to pen and watercolour on paper. 

Pratibha has had a keen interest in Indian folk art forms namely Madhubani, Warli and Gond. She finds herself continually drawn to the intricacies of these age-old Indian folk art forms and enjoys retelling the stories through her contemporary renditions.

Subjects in her drawings and paintings usually tell stories about  humans and nurture interactions at different levels. 

Pratibha continues to immerse herself deeper into Indian artistic heritage, by furthering her understanding of the evolving perspectives on these art forms. She hopes to inspire art enthusiasts by increasing the reach of traditional folk art in the Australian community.

Pratibha has exhibited widely in multiple group shows and has had 3 solo exhibitions in Melbourne since 2017.

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