Nicole Arena – Plan B Skin Therapy

Plan B Skin Therapy believes that caring for your skin doesn’t mean using harmful and toxic chemicals. All Plan B Skin Therapy products are handmade using all natural and organic ingredients, meaning they’re good for you and good for the planet!

Nearly three years ago concerned that the cumulative amount of toxic chemicals my family and I were being exposed to on a daily basis I began searching for natural alternatives to the products we used around the house and more importantly on our bodies.

Then on 8 February 2019, our then 6 year old son was diagnosed with Perthes Disease, a self-limiting disease that causes the femur bone to die. Overnight our world turned on it’s head. Our little boy couldn’t walk unaided and crutches, wheelchairs, doctors, scans and surgeries were our new normal. We could have crumbled- there were plenty of days I wanted to. Instead we decided to focus on getting him through it with a positive outlook. It was a stark and somewhat cruel reminder that life can change in an instant and there is no better time to chase your dreams than right this minute! So in August 2019, I launched Plan B Skin Therapy into the world!

After some shock-horror moments realizing I couldn’t recognize half the ingredients on even the ‘natural’ skin and body products we used, I started making my own. My first creation, all-natural deodorant paste became a hit amongst my friends and family who were willing guinea pigs and the seed to turn my love of creating all-natural products into a business was planted.

I had always wanted a creative career and my current day job leaves little room to create or express myself. Having my own skin and body care business fulfills many of my life goals; being creative, helping others, looking after my family and the planet. Since my first product we have released About Face reusable face wipes and Happy Camper Solid Scent and we have many other exciting handmade products about to be released.

It’s not an easy road but encouraging others to switch to toxic-free skin and body products is satisifaction in itself. Knowing that it’s a product I have made with my own hands makes the satisfaction even sweeter!

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