Ebony Balaz – Off the Peg

From a very young age Ebony Balaz has been a maker of things, a tinkerer, a creator.

Breathe in 2019

From sewing to painting, the process of making a tactile product is instinctive.

Cocooned 2020

Over recent years she has translated her love of colour and design into visual art.

Some of her earliest memories are associated with the results of her crafty endeavors.

Fragments in Time 2019

Ebony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and has extensive professional experience within the fashion & textile industry.

The process of making art is a cathartic and meditative experience for Ebony and vital to her very existence.

Ebony creates her artwork and products from home. Whilst she dreams of one day working from a spacious, white walled, light filled studio, for now home is where the magic happens.

Discover more of her work and skills: