Debra Howlett – Bitey Dog

If you love all things Australian, adore our native flora and fauna, then you will fall in love with the delicately detailed hand stitched work of Debra Howlett.

A regular at craft markets, Debra is a highly skilled embroiderer, and loves to chat to her customers, and her fellow stall holders. It is always a pleasure to meet her at markets and spend time in her friendly gentle company.

Each piece is handcrafted with love, and each piece is infused with hours of love and skill. Debra makes heirloom pieces with which you will create new family traditions and memories.

Debra weaves her own brand of Australiana in distinctive tactile creatures and useful objects. She works with repurposed textiles embellishing them with intricate hand stitching.

Debra has a range of whimsical creatures ā€“ garden rabbits, bunnies in bed, rabbits with carrots, pocket pet rabbits, and all matter of cute critters, such as mice, foxes, cats and dogs.

We adore her art ā€“ Australiana brooches, beautiful, repurposed blankets crafted into a cosy for your teapot, or egg cup featuring beautiful Australian flora ranging from Wattle, Billy Buttons, Eucalyptus leaves, Callistemon, and hydrangea.

Discover more of her work and skills: