Joy Exhibition 2021

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Introducing our artists and their work.

Alpana Rai

A Moment to Remember Trace lines of landscape are created using layering technique. I had let colours and emotions guide my creative process.
Medium & Size: 30cm (W) x 40cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Price:  $210

Migrated to Melbourne‚ Australia over 10 years ago from India. I grew up with an immense love for art painting and am self-taught. Being an Australian with an Indian heritage gives me the vast background of the best of both worlds inspiring me, which I incorporate in my work proudly. I look for original and unusual ways to translate the images in my head onto the canvas. I embrace a passionate, intuitive approach to painting. Rather than subscribing to rigid techniques, I let colours and emotions guide my creative process. I love bright colours and building many layers. I am an engineering graduate but has chosen to pursue my passion of art using acrylic and mixed media. Being able to express myself through Arts is a great pleasure. I would like to share my art work with art lovers to cherish the beauty around us.

Angela New

Imagination A very loose abstract in pastel colours which more or less created itself.I had done a couple of family portraits and needed to let myself go after the restraints of portrait painting. This painting was done in one afternoon.
Medium & Size: 50cm x 75 cm
Price:  $150
Lady in Red A flight of fancy  – This painting combines a number of ideas and shows my love for semi abstract faces and whimsical decorations. 
Medium & Size: 45cm x 60 cm
Price:  $150

I am a retired lady who went back to painting when no longer in the workforce. It can be very time consuming to lose yourself in a painting, which for me who is a bit of a shop-a-holic is a wonderful remedy!

Anjana Rai

Garden Blossoms This artwork is made using impasto technique giving thick textured layers to provide more life to the painting and also provide sensory satisfaction to the admirer. Painting is inspired by my own garden flowers. White colour on the dark background gives more focus to the bright petals of the flowers.
Medium & Size: Framed 34cm x 44cm x 5cm
Price:  $400

Artist info:  I am a Sydney based artist with a management degree. I am an art admirer and passionate creator. Being a nature lover, most of my creations are inspired by Mother nature. All my works begin with a basic concept of a place or an image, mostly based on my own experiences to which I add some elements of my imagination to give a personal to each piece. Being an Australian with an Indian heritage gives me the vast background and cultural diversities of the best of both worlds, which I incorporate in my work proudly. There is a free flow, messy touch in all my works as I like to be independent in my idea of creation and not stick to the absolute fine details.  All my latest works are made with thick layers of paint (predominantly oil paint) using impasto techniques that give depth and textures to all my works and provide a sensory appeal to the art piece. I am passionate about colours and enjoy experimenting with different textures and flow giving extra edge and angles to my paintings.

Beata Wacek

Untitled What is Joy? This is what I was exploring at a time of deep crisis in my life. I realised at the time JOY was not being expressed in my life. As I connected deeply within the expression of Joy emerged…it is electrifying …it is energy! Each time I see a new expression of JOY.
Medium & Size: Medium Acrylic 100cm x 120cm
Price:  Not For Sale

Ebony Balaz

Joy is Strength. Finding joy in the everyday can at times be difficult, especially during a global pandemic. When news headlines motivate panic and dread, finding joy can be an act of willful rebellion. Art is solace, the act of making soothes and the calm created in moments of quiet productivity inspire joyful reflection.
Medium & Size: 46cm x 46cm
Price:  $225

Introduction From a very young age Ebony Balaz has been a maker of things, a tinkerer, a creator. Some of her earliest memories are associated with the results of her crafty endeavours. From sewing to painting, the process of making a tactile product is instinctive. Ebony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and has extensive professional experience within the fashion & textile industry. Over recent years she has translated her love of colour and design into visual art. The process of making art is a cathartic and meditative experience for Ebony and vital to her very existence.

Running an art practise from her home studio in the leafy outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Ebony attempts to juggle life as a micro business owner with the demands of domestic life including motherhood.

Fiona Lowe

Just Peachy The current Wonky Flowers Series was something that came up during the Covid 19 lockdown in Melbourne.  It was a way to focus the very wonky feelings of that time into something which would bring joy and peace, such as a vase of fresh flowers.
Medium & Size: Mixed media, acrylic, collage and ink on canvas board and framed. approx 12 x 16 inches framed
Price:  $200
Reflective The current Wonky Flowers Series was something that came up during the Covid 19 lockdown in Melbourne.  It was a way to focus the very wonky feelings of that time into something that would bring joy and peace, such as a vase of fresh flowers.
Medium & Size: Mixed media, acrylic, collage and ink on canvas board and framed. approx 12 x 16 inches framed
Price:  $200

Introduction Fiona is a Melbourne artist currently working out of her home studio.  She works primarily in mixed media and watercolour.  her main inspiration is the colours of the ocean and sky, followed closely by fresh flowers.  Artist info Fiona’s work has been shown at showed throughout Melbourne, including The Highway Gallery, Frankston Arts Centre Gallery, Tracks Gallery and at Le Studio Art Space.

Gayle Stone

Shanti Part of my practice as a yoga teacher is sitting in deep meditation. I’ve been exploring this beautiful shape over many years. I love the connection of Shanti’s inside world with her outside world. There is a saying, “we are all connected” and this rings true for me in this painting. A balance between the mind and the body.
Medium & Size: 61cm (24 inches) Square
Price:  $300
Happiness There is a Japanese proverb that says, “Happiness” is to hold flowers in both hands” and I’ve tried to create a sense of this in my painting. But not a loud or brash joyousness… But more like a peaceful kind of happiness: one that radiates from lips to eyes in a hidden smile.
Medium & Size: 61cm (24 inches) square
Price:  $300

A proud, outsider artist, Gayle has ‘avoided’ academic qualifications, developing her own processes; which involve handmade collage, mark making and limited palettes.  But part of her process also includes yoga, meditation and what she describes as, ‘flow painting’.  In fact, her experience as a Hatha and Yin yoga teacher inform much of the narrative in Gayle’s work. 

There is a sense of soothing barriers between internal and external energy.  Her figures fill the edges of the painting, while the backgrounds fill the figures, creating a feeling of spaciousness and calm.  Gayle is set to explore this sense of peaceful mindfulness in her upcoming exhibition called, “The Magick of Simple Things” later this year.

Gayle has exhibited her work in many local retail spaces over the years, and feels it is important to support community business.  Her reference paintings (smaller size on paper) can be sourced at her local outdoor market, while her larger canvases are shown in a variety of cafes.

Grace Boulter

Fading Elegance Anthurium to be exact. Although they’ve passed their best day, still looked amazing and great fun to paint!
Medium & Size: 50.5cm x37 cm includes frame
Three Sisters The name Pansy comes from French word ‘Penske’ which means ‘thought’. Love this three varicoloured pansies shining under the sun looking back and inviting me to paint them! 
Medium & Size: 43cm x 30cm includes frame
Price:  $450

Originally from Hong Kong, Grace has used her travels around the world as inspiration in her creative aspirations.  Grace began her artistic journey with traditional Chinese painting in Hong Kong in the 1980s.

In Singapore, Grace found herself exploring another passion, Chinese calligraphy.

After relocating to Melbourne, she picked up pottery and eventually led her back to her first love – botanical illustrations.

Janvi Bhatt

“On the Road to Joy” “On the Road to Joy” is an original acrylic painting on the gallery wrapped stretched canvas. This painting is inspired by the happiness in our life that brings smiles on our face every now and then. It shows the happiness comes in small packages. It comes with the wire on the back to hang the artwork. Painting is gloss varnished for protection. 
Medium & Size Acrylic painting on the stretched canvas. 55.9cm (W) x 55.9cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Price: $280 

Introduction Janvi Bhatt is an Abstract Artist. As an artist, I am essentially interested in creating artworks that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as my involvement in it. Artist info Janvi is a self-taught artist who is known for her pursuit of Acrylic painting. She was born and brought up in India and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2009. She always had a keen interest in an art and always gets attracted by the beautiful colours. She loves creating amazing paintings using acrylic colours which gives lots of warmth, texture and depth to the paintings. Janvi has her own distinctive style of Abstract Art and loves using bold, vibrant colours on canvas. She takes the world around her as her inspiration. 

Jo Smaller

BEHOLD To ‘BEHOLD’ is to gaze upon, regard, view. And…when we reflect upon a piece of artwork, it really is ‘all in the eye of the beholder.’ The story behind the work and the potential that any form of creativity can evoke an emotion is the inspiration.
Medium & Size: 56cm x 46cm Framed
Price:  $300
Await To be a witness to the full potential of any botanical species, it is all in the waiting. The breakthrough of soil by a tender shoot, the unfurling of a leaf, the whisper of a petal. We ‘AWAIT’ the curtain call of nature’s beauty to be revealed.
Medium & Size: 56cm x 46cm Framed
Price:  $300

Jo is a self-taught Melbourne Artisan and delights in being able to create spaces you never want to leave; and through her work, capture the essence of ‘home.’ Jo’s hand drawn black and white art bears meditative and intricate detail, each time you look at her work you notice more within it.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions across Melbourne showcasing her eye for detail and love of what makes her soul sing – Creating.

Natalie Jayne

Sapphire Meet Sapphire, she was created using alcohol inks for her tail feathers and acrylic paint for her body. I love how the alcohol inks combine to give her a sense of movement. 
Medium & Size: Alcohol inks and acrylic paint 76cm (height) x 48cm (width)
Price:  $250

Artist info 

I am a self-taught artist, I love playing with different styles and mediums, but have particularly fallen in love with alcohol inks. The way they flow, how vibrant the colours are and their unpredictability.

I am a self-taught artist, I love playing with different styles and mediums, but have particularly fallen in love with alcohol inks. The way they flow, how vibrant the colours are and their unpredictability.

It is my goal to fill people’s walls with colour, something that makes them smile. 

Pratibha Madan

Turtle Mandala Turtle is considered a symbol for good luck, prosperity and long life in Madhubani style, an ancient folk art form that originated in Mithila region in India. The intricate repetitive patterns on turtle’s back show the interplay between various elements in nature, bringing in simple pleasures and joys of everyday life!
Medium & Size: 45cm x 45cm
Price:  $390
Fish Pair – Matsya Series This series titled ‘Matsya’ meaning Fish in Sanskrit, celebrates this lovely creature in a folk art style known as ‘Madhubani’, an ancient art form that originated in Mithila region in India. Fish is considered the symbol for good luck, fertility and prosperity in this region. A pair of fish, immensely in love and sharing simple joys of life!
Medium & Size: 45cm x 45cm
Price:  $390

Introduction Pratibha is a contemporary artist living in Melbourne since 2016. Mostly self-taught, her work has strong reflections of culture and traditions from India, a place where she was born and brought up. She loves exploring various techniques on a variety of media and has had a keen interest in Indian folk art forms namely Madhubani, Warli and Gond. She finds herself continually drawn to the intricacies of these age-old art forms and enjoys retelling the stories through her contemporary renditions.

Pratibha has exhibited widely in multiple group shows and has had 3 solo exhibitions in Melbourne since 2017. Her art journey can be checked out at

Raelene Boag

“All my Friends are Hexygone” Started by a friend using scraps from her stash, incorporating fabric scraps from friends.  Found so much joy in the colour and movement created by the sewing together of each piece.  Finished during the Covid 19 lockdown mid-2020.
Medium & Size: scraps of fabric, thread, cotton batting (hand pieced hexagon quilt) 138cm x 152cm 
Price:  Not For Sale

Raelene lives in Carnegie in a small flat with a lot of art supplies, fabric, screen printing kit, canvases, paper.  Enjoys collage, scrappy arrangements, cutting blocks for hand printing at the kitchen table, sewing zips into small bags and making something out of nothing.

Robyn Saunders

New Life New Life. I have used a natural coloured clay which I have clear glazed. The outside has been speckled glazed. The internal design is parents tending to their young fledglings nesting on barbed wire. The bowl has been hand formed.
Medium & Size: Natural clay and clear glaze 29cm x 11cm
Price:  $250
To Be Filled with JoyI have left part of the bowl unglazed to show the true patina of the clay, then clear glazed some of the bowl, lastly I have glazed with a speckle finish. The bowl has been hand formed. The bowl awaits to be filled with Joy.
Medium & Size: Natural clay 29cm x 11cm
Price:  $250

I am a potter based on the Mornington Peninsula and work from my studio at home. I have been potting for 14 years and have moved past traditional function pieces to ornamental design and making but where I can, combine both methods.

Susi Fraser

Angel Upliting To soar and be at peace with ones self. Reconnecting with the joys of being who we really are. 
Medium & Size: Raku Clay Charcoal and white glaze  45cm x42cm
Price:  $360
Angel Down to Earth Grounded and content Reconnecting with ourselves, we walk with confidence knowing that who we are is ok. 
Medium & Size: Raku Clay Charcoal and white glaze  37cm x 48cm
Price:  $360

Beaconsfield based Ceramic Artist and Potter, Susi Fraser,  works out of her purpose built studio at her home. Each of her pieces are designed and individually crafted, using a variety of techniques and Clays and made with purpose and love. Her art has been requested and shown in a variety of Galleries, stores, and Exhibitions across Australia.

Emma Finch

My Secret Garden My imagination can go in lots of directions when l design my secret garden. Colourful, quirky and full of whimsical charm, this painting just brings JOY to my heart.. 
Medium & Size: 70cm x 90cm
Price:  $530
Joy in the Front Garden My first attempt at growing sunflowers in 2020 has been pure joy. This beauty personifies Joy for its imperfections and stance it has taken in my front garden. A wonderment to behold.
Medium & Size: 70cm x 90cm
Price:  $490
Image to follow.

Emma Finch is a practising artist with over 20 years experiencing working as a Community Art Therapist. She loves the profession of Art therapy with a passion.Artist info Emma is a practising artist with over 20 years experiencing working as a Community Art Therapist. She loves the profession of Art therapy with a passion. Emma aspires to show the healing power of art in a therapeutic space that is safe, contained and inspiring, increasing self-esteem, self-worth, resilience and confidence. Emma works with art processes and have extensive experience in program delivery. Emma is a mixed media artist and uses her lived experience and artist history to connect to and establish a good therapeutic alliance between participant and therapist. It takes courage to create, and Emma helps her students to take the steps to find their own courage.