Get your work seen – Artisan Society

You are talented and driven, your work is excellent, but its hard to start the conversations and sell your work. We network for you – we find opportunities that help your work stand out and are adding new opportunities all the time.

From group exhibitions, to shared retail opportunities to workshop partners, we help you set your creativity free to be loved.

In 2021 we have at least three group exhibitions, two opportunities with retail partners, and a shared retail opportunity open to members.

Professional Accreditation

Your work is in galleries and boutiques, you have the know how to progress your business and are looking for industry recognition – accreditation is for you.

Become accredited by Australia’s first national accreditation for products created by skilled hands in small batches.

$65 pa

Who for:

Artisan Society Membership

You love to create, are passionate about your work, and are looking for new opportunities to excel in your field and share your work more widely. Work with a community of artists and artisans who have trodden a similar path and receive support, encouragement and guidance in your endeavors.

$29 per month

Who for:

  • Emerging Artisans
  • Accredited Artisans

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